nv_sound_350NovaSound is a music group integrated by members from different nations such as Columbia, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Venezuela, The US and Europe. Most of the members are full time musicians with Masters Degrees in music who seriously work, enjoy and respect the art.

Their main style of music is Latin, however, with broad variety of musical interests, you will hear the influences of many styles, such as jazz, classical, Latin, Caribbean, Hebrew, African and some European music – mainly German, Italian, British and French.

If you’re looking for Latin music – look no further. NovaSound can do it all. Salsa, Latin jazz, meringues, cumbias, vallenatos, cha-chas, mambos, congas, boleros , and many others. Their repertoire also includes some Caribbean music, Latin rock and Hebrew music.

The full group consists of 11 pieces: 2 trumpets, saxophone, trombone, 3 percussionist, piano, bass and 2 singers. Due to the size of some venues and budget restrictions, the band can also play as a quartet, quintet or up to the 11 piece band.